Do You Want to Start or Grow A Business?

Business Stripped Back: No BS Online Business Course Led by Business Owners.

We’ll cut through the noise of bad business advice and tell you what you REALLY need to know to start & grow a successful business here and now.

You’ll develop your UNpreneurial skill set and mindset so that you can launch and grow your business with confidence (and style!).

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"The course definitely altered my mindset about entrepreneurship and squashed a lot of myths about running your own business!"

– Claire O’Sullivan (recent Graduate)

Are you struggling with questions like these?

We'll show you a completely different way of looking at things!

What Our Students Say About Us

We understand how challenging it is starting a business at College, University or after!


We know it can be very overwhelming launching your own business. And everyone has a (different!) opinion on it!

 Plus, you can Google almost everything, but how do you know what information is right for you…? One article says do this, another says to do the opposite. It’s very confusing!

You may not have considered running your own business before. You feel lost.

And you might feel like you “need to wait and get more experience” before launching your business – this is probably not true! Another myth is that it takes A LOT of money to start your own business.

There is so much to do and one of the biggest dangers is: you don’t know what you don’t know”…

What Can We Do Together?


If you’re struggling to start a business, or have already launched your own business, but don’t know what to do next, we can help you!

Even if you don’t have a business idea, and just want to know more about UNpreneurship, this course is your perfect introduction to this vital skill to help you thrive in the 21st century!

We’ll cut through the BS, drop a lotta truth bombs and tell you what you really need to know to launch and grow a successful business here and now.

We are UNpreneur, and since 2013, we’ve helped lots of startups launch and grow. We have run several Business Incubators across multiple sites in Scotland, working with many different businesses in a variety of business sectors. And we have worked with lots of students and graduates to from many Colleges and Universities to help them start and grow businesses.

We will help you Build Your Own Future!

We've Distilled All of Our Experiences into this Online Business Course for You!

We are taking everything we have learnt from helping lots of new businesses (plus growing our own businesses!) and distilling it into this online business course for you!

You’ll benefit from our insights into many different businesses. What really works? What doesn’t? And how can you achieve your goals (and more than you think you’re capable of!)?

"Having completed the course, I'm now feeling a lot more confident about how to successfully manage and startup my own business. And I'm really looking forward to the future!"

– Michael Ellis (recent Graduate)

Right, So What Exactly Is In This Online Business Course?

Through this online business course, you will develop your UNpreneurial mindset, skills and connections to start and grow your business with confidence.

We’ll introduce you to the “Two Pyramids of Business Awesomeness!”. It is vital you understand master these so that you can develop yourself and your business.

One pyramid focuses on YOU – the business owner, and the other pyramid looks at the BUSINESS.

  • Session 1 – The UNpreneurial Mindset: having the right mindset is critical as a business owner. You need to be adaptable, resilient, resourceful and much more!
  • Session 2 – Essential Business Skills for 2020 and Beyond: you need to have an appreciation of different business skillz: Marketing, Finance, Leadership and more.
  • Session 3 – Developing Habits for Success: we look at the importance of being self-aware and understanding yourself. What are you aiming towards in life?
  • Session 4 – Customers! Customers! Customers!: A business without customers is NOT a business. How do you gain more customers? And more importantly, the right ones?
  • Session 5 – Vital People and Connections: business is a team game. You will need other humans to help you: internally and externally. From team members, to mentors and advisers. 
  • Session 6 – Resources on A Shoestring! (a.k.a Bring It All Together!): What do you REALLY need to make progress with your business? Money, advice, connections? And how are you going to get these…?

As well as access to these 6 live session, a copy of our ebook, “How to Start a Business with No Money”, is also included in the price of the Business Stripped Back online business course.

You’ll also meet like-minded other students and graduates on the course! You can develop, challenge and support each other. Peer-to-peer learning is MASSIVELY important!

Business Stripped Back is a no BS online business course led by business owners for Students & Graduates serious about starting a business.

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Limited places. Led by business owners. Practical knowledge to grow your skill set and mindset. No BS!